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Our Philosophy


Calming, meditative, relaxing, and uplifting are some ways people describe Cafe Mantra Music because they have experienced the healing energy of sacred sound. You see, my music is not only beautiful, but scientifically created to harmonise your whole being … your mind, body and soul.

Music is a very important aspect of our lives. As babies, before we started speaking we started making musical sounds and singing. And those sounds are music because there is total harmony – within us and all around us.

Today, when the world is experiencing depression, fear, illness and uncertainty, we go out of harmony, out of tune. Mantra music awakens the vibrations of peace that is deeply embedded in each one of us, restoring us to the natural rhythm of life.

How Does Mantra Music Restore Harmony?

When we get stressed, depressed, tired, confused, ‘over it’, anxious, our natural rhythms change and we go out of tune. Our energies and mind become scattered and ‘all over the place’. Disconnected from our true nature which is always peaceful, happy, clear and wise.

Before we play a guitar, we have to tune it and that’s exactly what mantra music and meditation does for us - it tunes the seven layers of our existence to connect to the cosmic energy. The Body, Mind, Breath, Intellect, Memory, Ego and Self - when these ‘seven strings’ are tuned, music happens within and we experience harmony. That is health.

How Is Cafe Mantra Music Unique?

Cafe Mantra Music uses a special tempo of 60 beats per minute which is the resting heart rate. Just by listening, your subtle energies come into alignment with this natural rhythm. This tempo coupled with the healing vibrations of Sanskrit mantras, soothes your mind and nervous system without effort. All you need do is listen, let go and allow the music to take you on its healing journey. Easy!!!

Everything I create follows the ancient Vedic sciences of yoga, mantra and Ayurveda. As a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner, my knowledge and experience couples with a deep devotion to bring a richness, depth and spiritual energy to my music, teaching and cooking with the intention to help you nourish your entire being.  

Blessings for your peace, health and happiness!

x Jo Kelly

Love It! Beautiful, spiritual and tranquil music to practice yoga to or just chill out.

Dr. Lauren Tober
Psychologist, Yoga Teacher

I feel like my entire being received the most phenomenal tune up. It was a full body experience to meditate, listen and chant with Jo.

Jelena Mrkich
Art Therapist & Intuitive Coach

I’ve just had the best day ever learning the harmonium and chanting. Thank U Jo, I’m still buzzing! With Love Barbie

Barbie Cawthorne
Surfers Paradise, QLD

I love the way Jo explains of the science and health benefits behind Ayurvedic nutrition. And her recipes are delicious!

Jodie Anne Parkhill
Yogashack Sawtell, NSW

About Us

Jo Kelly

Award Winning Singer Songwriter, Sound Healer, Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Jo is an award winning songwriter, sacred music artist and Ayurvedic Practitioner. Jo won the 2015 NCEIA Dolphin Music Award for her song ‘Himalaya’ in the Adult Contemporary category.

Jo’s been singing all her life, but her true musical heart was untouched until she went to India. She fell in love with the healing sounds, exotic instruments and classical ragas that touched her heart and inspired her to record a range of albums for yoga and meditation. Since India, Jo has recorded seven albums under her brand Cafe Mantra and continues to record new music as divine inspiration comes forth. Soon to be released (end June 2020) is her new offering ‘A Sound Experience’ . A series of guided mantra meditation and music albums.

Jo travels Australia and abroad to yoga festivals, yoga retreats and conscious music events to share the sound of spirit and the sacred science of mantra with yogis worldwide. She teaches mantra meditation and harmonium and records at her home in Kyogle, NSW.